About me

Two of my characteristics became obvious quite early: the inner impulse to personal development und the love to arts.

When I was a little girl I wanted to become a dancer. In kindergarden I already got tuition in ballet. When I started school the dance ambitions stopped for sometime. I was too busy with the process of inner development till I was a teenager. What arised unconsciously during my childhood, became clearer when I grew up: The search of the last truth. But after watching with enthusiasm a performance of professional dancers in a holiday hotel, I went back home with the intention to realize my wish to learn to dance.

Since I was very young I`ve been interested in the deeper sense of life. So it was only a question of time till my affinity extended to the sphere of art. From my point of view a study of acting is in the first place a study of the inner world of man, and requires, additional to technical skills, touchability. Emotional permeability gives you the possibility to express creatively your authentic feelings, no matter if it happens through words, dance movements or music! “By chance” painting also developed step by step in my life which gave me a special possibility of expression, as well as the creation of natural perfumes.

Visionary art makes our souls blossom because it reminds us of our own inner beauty and joy.